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The "story" of Nitsch Theatre Arts NFP began in the heart of a little girl who always loved to sing, dance and put on shows for her grandma.  She was the same 5th grader who asked her teacher if she could please "write, direct her friends, perform a play for the class"  and was thrilled when her teacher said "Yes!" (Giving her the time in class to do it). This is the girl who always wanted to take dance and drama classes, but whose family just didn't always have the means and availibility to get her there. Thank goodness a friend took her to a free class and the dance studio owner saw "something" in this young lady and allowed her to work for her classes- within a year she was dancing 15 hours a week, teaching preschool classes and about ready to be en pointe in ballet.  Thank goodness her high school had a solid drama program that allowed her to realize that she had always been right about what her passion was - the theatre was her second home.  This young girl became a teacher.....and that is when the arts started taking a backseat to other academics.  A dream was born "to make sure all students and adults have access to the arts"  because she knew that the arts have the power to change lives.  After all, it had made all the difference in hers.

Nitsch Theatre Arts was a dream that became a reality the way most grassroots organizations do....friends chatting around dinner table.  A group with a passion and commitment to create a powerful organization of businesses, educators, supporters, and artists that will fulfill the mission of NTA to bring unique theatre arts performances, showcase new works and partner with schools and other organizations to get arts opportunities back into the foundation of our communities.  A group that agreed we should all "LIVE the ARTS!"

Be a part of changing lives through the arts in our communities- participate, donate or volunteer with Nitsch Theatre Arts NFP!​

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