Fall 2021

Nitsch Theatre Arts Stage Teens



Stage Teens 

Join us in our new advanced "learning by doing" production based intensive class for High School Students. This advanced program is by audition only. If you are cast then you will be able to register. Not only make friends and memories, but challenge and grow acting, singing and dancing technique as we put on a show that you will never forget. This class meets only Sunday  afternoons/evenings until closer to show time and concludes with tech rehearsals and performances. 

Ages: High School (Going into 9th-end 12th grade Summer) 

Cost:$150 Register here

First Meeting – Saturday October 9th 4:30-6pm Broadway Lounge In Peoria! Rest of our rehearsals on Sunday late afternoon /evenings.

Jack —Makenna Reeves
Lauren - Natalie Bashusen
Brian -Addie Bigger
Anna -Shephrah Foster
Eric -Rio Eller
Susan- Kate Shoff
Amy -Bailey DeLap
Beth -Lottie Prather
Sean -Braden Minger
Lisa TBA
Mrs. Thompson -Julia Lewis
Sandra -Ellie Cox
Kevin -Rio Eller
Debbie -Addie Bigger
Melissa -Lottie Prather
Ben -Branden Minger
Tim -Claire Albertson
Mr. Singer -McKinley Zobrist
Sasha -Alex Thate
Teresa -Sofia Cordes
Gary -Claire Albertson
Marsha -Shephrah Foster
Cathy- McKinley Zobrist
Rosalie -Sofia Cordes
Eddie -Alex Thate
Mike -Lottie Prather
Bob -Shephrah Foster
Joan -Julia Lewis
Rachel -Bailey DeLap
David -Kate Shoff
Rick -MaKenna Reeves
Mrs. Miller -Julia Lewis
Mrs Pryor -Ellie Cox