• State Theatre Fest- January 2024
  •  NTA Celebrates- June 9th at 7pm at St. Paul's Episcopal Church 2023
  • Nationals- June 2023


High School Troupe

# 8558

  • ​Branden M
  • Noah P
  • ​Malyk T
  • ​Sofia C
  • Ellie C​​​​
  • ​Lily K
  • ​Sabine A
  • ​Rio E
  • Hannah W
  • Heather M
  • Hayden G
  • ​Callie C
  • Kamden G
  • ​Shephrah F
  • ​Francie M
  • ​Gracie V
  • Lars W
  • ​Everett B
  • Renee F
  • Riley O

​​​What is a Thespian?

The International Thespian Society (ITS) is an honor society for dedicated high school and middle schoolstudents in theatre. ITS is a division of the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA), the largest educational theatre association in the world. https://www.schooltheatre.org/
 As a thespian, students are opened to endless opportunities, like going to festivals. performing with professionals, and even going on trips. How to get involved? To become eligible you must be involved on stage and/or backstage in at least 2 NTA productions, maintain good grades and be consistently involved in NTA classes.There is also a $40 yearly membership fee. For more information, please email info@nitschtheatrearts.org


Being a Thespian is an international honor, a great addition to your college transcript, and is a lifetime membership. As a Thespian you are invited to attend the State Thespian Festival, as well as the International Thespian Festival. The State Festival has thousands of theatre students attend and compete in Monologue, Musical Theatre, Dance, Technical Design and many other areas. Many scholarship opportunities are available for seniors for college and to pay for non-seniors to attend summer performing programs.

Becoming a Thespian usually takes 1-2 years. With so many opportunities with NTA, our students can be eligible to be inducted after being involved with 2 shows. After being inducted, students will always be a troupe member but must remain active in NTA shows to participate in troupe opportunities. 


Junior School

School Troupe # 89369

  • Staley S
  • ​Claire L
  • Emmy G
  • Maggie H
  • ​Steven U
  • ​Caleb M
  • ​Elise M
  • ​Riley W
  • ​Emma B
  • ​Avery H