Rehearsals are after school until 4:15pm.

Please note everyone is called most rehearsals

except-Oct. 15, 29 & Nov. 5

Tuesday, 9th         ALL- Paw Paw, Michigan
Thursday, 11th      ALL- Paw Paw Michigan & pg 7
Monday, 15th        Kelli, Becky, Lars, Edwina, Annie, Bobby, Scott - Blocking pgs 8-15.
Thursday, 18th     ALL- Dear Edwina
Monday, 22nd       ALL- Dear Edwina, Here Comes a Letter pg 22, Another Letter pgs 35-37,                  
Time for Intermission pg 73.
Thursday, 25th     ALL- Fork, Knife, Spoon
Monday, 29th       Aphrodite, Abigail, Carrie, Periwinkle- Music & Blocking for Letters

Thursday, 1st        ALL- Fork, Knife, Spoon
Monday, 5th          Susie, Napkins, Johnny, Queen- Say No Thank You
Thursday, 8th       ALL- Frankenguest ****Show T-shirt Orders and Bios Due***
Monday, 12th        ALL-Frankenguest
Thursday, 15th      ALL-Hola Lola
Monday, 19th        ALL- Hola Lola
Thursday, 29th      ALL- Review

Tuesday, 4th        ALL- Review
Thursday, 13th        ALL- Review

JANUARY- Rehearsals are at Eureka High School from now on and everyone is called.

Monday, 7th          ALL- until 4:30pm

Tuesday, 8th          ALL until 4:30pm
Thursday, 10th       ALL until 4:30pm
Monday, 14th         ALL until 4:30pm
Tuesday, 15th         ALL until 4:30pm
Thursday, 17th       ALL until 4:30pm
Tuesday, 22nd        ALL until 5pm
Wednesday, 23rd    ALL until 5pm
Thursday, 24th       ALL until 5pm

TECH SATURDAY the 26th     ALL including CREW  NOON-3PM 

TECH WEEK CAST & CREW Until 5:30pm
Monday 28th
Tuesday 29th
Wednesday 30th


Thursday 31st   CALL TIME 4:30pm PERFORMANCE TIME 6:30pm  Doors open at 6pm.

Friday February 1st-

SCHOOL DAY PERFORMANCES- More info as it gets closer
EVENING PERFORMANCE- CALL TIME 5:45pm  PERFORMANCE TIME- 6:30pm Doors open at 6pm  Please note students are required to stay and help with STRIKE (loading the set out & cleaning up) after the show.


Congratulations to all who came out and had fun with us at auditions-this is going to be our best production yet! Please read entire list as some students are in multiple roles. Remember this is an ensemble show-which means the entire cast is on stage most of the show. I apologize ahead of time for misspelling anyone’s name- some of the handwriting was a little difficult to read.  See you all Thursday at our cast meet 3:15-4:15pm 

Edwina Spoonapple- Mckinley Zobrist

Scott/Vladmir/Farmer Jerry- Isaac Leman

Bobby/Johnny - Branden Minger

Becky- Isabelle Axelson


Grace Donovan, Katrina Skutt, Kendra Geick, Isabella Kent, Olivia Dunbar, Emma Donovan 

Kelli/Chef Lumilla - Karli Agnew

Lars- Kyle Ellis

Billy- TBA

Cordella- Calli White

Aphrodite- Morgan Hoester

Carrie- Sydney Finley

Abigail- Devin Harrison

Periwinkle- Alayna Garza

Ziggy- Dakota Kennedy

Ziggy’s Band- Isaac Leman, Claire Yoder, Claire Albertson 

Frank- Matthew Minger

Frank’s Ma- Lakyla Westbrook

William- TBA

Sonoma- Isabella Kent

Annie/Fairy Forkmother- Claire Yoder

Girl Scouts-

Devin Harrison, Jillian Garnant,Carrie Fowler 

Suzie - Claire Albertson


Sydney Finley,  Faythe Carlson, Mckinley Zobrist, Karli Agnew

Queen of Boola Boola- Victoria Novotny

Lola- Ava Garza

Harry- Derek Waugh

Mary Sue Betty Bo- Sierra Reeb

Farm Girls-

Mckinley Zobrist, Claire Albertson, Claire Yoder


Brandon Minger. Matthew Minger, Tanner Ellis, Kyle Ellis

Katie Spoonapple-Vanessa Denton

Ann Van Buren(Talent Scout)- Faythe Carlson

Myra Spoonapple- Molly Gossmeyer

Jo Spoonapple- Chasity Vincent

Additional Neighborhood Kids-

(various lines to be assigned at rehearsals and are in all group numbers)

Lydia Parker, Jessie Johnson, Hannah Scofield, Kylee Still, Hannah Worthen

Junior Thespian Troupe #89369

Mallory Denton

Jo Harmon

Sylvia Hughes

Morgan Linder

Zach Smith

McKinley Zobrist

Eureka Middle School Drama Club

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