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Junior Thespian Troupe #89369

Mallory Denton

Jo Harmon

Sylvia Hughes

Morgan Linder

Zach Smith

McKinley Zobrist

EMS 2019-2020 Production- Disney's The Jungle Book


Cast List

Bagheera- Claire Albertson

Baloo- Ian Scott

Jungle- Penny Albertson, Reagan Bishop, Vivien Challacombe, Emma Donovan, 

            Myla Ellis, Alayna Garza, Jonell Hudson, Morgan Hoekstra, Caylee Johnson,  

            Grace Neuhamn, Vivian Neuleamm, Keiana McKnight, Ailey Rapp, Katrina

            Skutt, Cassidy Vincent, Lydia Wettstein

Thistle- Isabelle Axelson

Lotus- Penny Albertson

Banyan- Ava Garza

Mowgli- Colt Ulrich

Wolves- Matthew Minger, Brandon Minger, Isaac Heinold, Jonnell Hudson

Shere Khan- Isaac Leman

Shanti- Devin Harrison

Kaa- Selah Geist

Snakes- Morgan Hoekstra, Ava Garza, Isabelle Axelson, Alayna Garza, Penny Albertson

Colonel Hathi- Brandon Minger

Elephants- Katrina Skutt, Ailey Rapp, Matthew Minger, Jonell Hudson, Keiana 


Baby Elephant- Reagan Bishop

Bees- TBA

King Louie- Vivien Challacombe

Monkeys- Isabelle Axelson, Reagan Bishop, Ava Garza, Alayna Garza, Morgan Hoekstra, Penny Albertson, Cassidy Vincent, Lydia Wettstein

Silly Monkey- Emma Donovan

Sassy Monkey- Morgan Hoekstra

Grumpy Monkey- Isaac Heinold

Old Monkey- Vivian Neuleamm

Dizzy- Matthew Minger

Ziggy- Brandon Minger

First CAST AND CREW MEETING- Monday, October 7th 3:15-4:15pm


Please Note-Rehearsals are after school until 4:15pm.  Please have on time pick up arrangements made.  Also not everyone will be called to every rehearsal. 

Friday, 18th         Bagheera, Baloo, Mowgli, Wolves, All Jungle- Jungle Prologue

Monday, 28th       Same as the 18th plus Kaa and Snakes

Monday, 4th          Colonel Hathi, Elephants, Mowgli- Colonel Hathi's March
Friday, 8th            Shanti, All Jungle- Kaa the Snake, Baloo the Bear, Monkey Business, 

                             Mowgli Runs,      
Friday, 15th          Baloo, Mowgli,Jungle- Bare Necessities
Monday, 18th        King Louie, Baloo, Monkeys- Wanna Be Like "You
Monday, 25th        All principals-Run all in between scenes

Friday, 6th             CANCELLED
Friday, 13th
          ALL- Review ***Show T-shirt Orders & Bios Due****

Monday, 16th         ALL- Review

JANUARY- Rehearsals are at Eureka High School from now on and everyone is called.

     January Schedule will come out in December.

TECH SATURDAY  February the 1st     ALL including CREW  NOON-3PM 

TECH WEEK CAST & CREW Until 5:30pm
Monday February 3rd
Tuesday February 4th
Wednesday February 5th


Thursday February 6th   CALL TIME 4:30pm PERFORMANCE TIME 6:30pm  Doors open at 6pm.

Friday February 7th-

SCHOOL DAY PERFORMANCES- More info as it gets closer
EVENING PERFORMANCE- CALL TIME 5:45pm  PERFORMANCE TIME- 6:30pm Doors open at 6pm  Please note students are required to stay and help with STRIKE (loading the set out & cleaning up) after the show.