EMS 2020-2021 

Drama Club will meet as an actual club this school year the last Monday of each month.

Drama Club Officers-

President- Karli Agnew

Vice-President- Ava Garza

​Secretary/Historian- Penelope Albertson

Chair of Talent Showcase- Lydia Wettstein

ALL PARENTS PLEASE JOIN 10 Ways to Survive Facebook Group

Rehearsal will start in January-schedule will go up first week after winter break...this production could be live or recorded and then live-streamed.

10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Rehearsal Schedule for January- Rehearsal run after school at EMS until 3:30pm

Monday, January 11th- Method 1, 4 & 6- Malyk, Ava, Caleb, Karli, Ben, & Penelope

Wednesday, January 13th- Method 2 & 8- Aliyah, Bryleigh, Kaylee, Charlee, Kaylie, Katrina, Kennedy

Wednesday, January 20th- Method 3 & 5- Gabriel , Kianna, Vivian, Regan, Katrina, Malyk

Monday, January 25th- Method 7 & 8- Liam, Hannah, Talon, Meredith, Devin, Lydia, Ava, Kaylie, Kennedy

Thursday, January 28th- Method 10- Caleb Karli, Ben, Penelope, Hannah, Meredith, Malyk, Ava

Cast List

Zombie 1- Malyk Thorndyke

Zombie 2- Ava Garza

Zombies- Kaylie Hunt, Katrina Skutt, Kennedy Stamm

Narrator 1- Devin Harrison 

Narrator 2-Lydia Wettstein

(Zombies & Narrators are in almost every scene)

METHOD 1, 4, & 6

Jimmy- Caleb Minger

Susan- Karli Agnew

Sam- Ben Skelton

Christy- Penelope Albertson

​METHOD 2 & 8

Jamie (Jimmy)- Aliyah Bale

Susan- Bryleigh Brace

Sammie (Sam)- Kaylee Hillman

Christy- Charlee Schultz

METHOD 3 & 5

Jimmy- Gabriel Preciado

Susan- Kianna Preciado

Sammie- Vivian Neukomm

Christy- Reagan Bishop


Jimmy- Liam Wise-Fischer

Susan- Hannah Scofield

Sam- Talon Wettstien

Christy- Meredith Rockey


Jimmy- Liam Wise-Fischer

Susan- Devin Harrison

Sam- Talon Wettstein

Christy- Lydia Wettstein


Jimmy- Caleb Minger

Susan- Karli Agnew

Sam- Ben Skelton

Christy- Penelope Albertson

Crowd- Hannah Scoffeild, Meredith Rockey

Junior Thespian Troupe #89369

Mallory Denton

Jo Harmon

Sylvia Hughes

Morgan Linder

Zach Smith

McKinley Zobrist

Eureka Middle School Drama Club

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