• Troupe Meeting September 21st
  • State Theatre Fest- January 2023
  • 2022 NTA Honors and Awards Banquet- May 2023
  • Nationals- June 2023

High School Troupe

# 8558

  • Alexandra T
  • ​Branden M
  • Julia L
  • McKinley Z
  • Noah P
  • ​Lottie P
  • ​Marianne H
  • ​Sofia C
  • ​Kate S
  • Ellie C​​​​
  • Corinna T


Junior School

School Troupe # 89369

  • Penny A
  • ​Renee F
  • ​Francie M
  • Malyk T
  • Kara H​​
  • Gracie V
  • ​Maiwen R
  • Hannah W
  • Natalie G
  • Skyler K
  • Maddie L
  • Emma F
  • Preston S
  • ​Hannah T
  • Heather M


Huge News! We are so excited to have had 19 pieces compete at the State level and the results are in! We are so proud of all of our Troupe members who competed at State! Ratings on performances are rated on a number scale that fall into the categories of Poor, Good, Excellent and Superior. Those who rated Superiors are now eligible to go and compete at Nationals in June! Big shout out to our top Scoring Soloist McKinley and to the only Middle Schooler to earn a Superior, Francie! Nationals here we come!
High School Troupe Results:

Category: Solo Musical

Natalie Bashusen - Superior
Addie Bigger - Superior
Sofia Cordes - Superior
Ellie Cox - Superior
Lottie Prather - Excellent
Makenna Reeves - Superior
Kate Shoff - Excellent
Alex Thate - Superior
McKinley Zobrist- Top Scoring Superior
Category: Duet Musical
McKinley Zobrist & Sofia Cordes: Excellent

Category: Group Musical
Alex Thate, Sofia Cordes, Francie Mourisse, Charlotte Prather, Addie Bigger and McKinley Zobrist- Superior (Ex Wives from Six)
Middle School Troupe Results:
Category: Solo Musical
Renee Fonseca- Excellent
Emerson Gerth- Excellent
Kara Hofmann- Excellent
Francie Mourisse- Superior
Maiwen Rule- Excellent
Hannah Thatcher- Excellent
Malyk Thorndyke- Excellent
Gracie Vreeland- Excellent