Offered September - December 2015 for 4th - 6th grades

Let our professional teaching artists come and emerge your classroom in the world of theatre through improvisational games and an introduction to playwriting  Our 45-60 minute workshop will prepare a class of students and their teacher for entering our Nitsch Theatre Arts Young Playwright's Contest.  Students will have the short plays they write following our workshop judged by a panel of theatre artists and have a chance to be recognized for excellence at a regional awards ceremony.  Every student who submits a play will receive a certificate of participation.


Offered January - April 2016 for 3rd - 8th grades

Shakespeare will come to life right before your student's

eyes as costumed professional teaching artists enter your

classroom as if they just arrived from the Renaissance.


Offered September 2015 - April 2016 for 2nd - 8th grades

Students will be immersed in the culture of ballroom dance.  We will introduce students to Waltz, East Coast Swing, Foxtrot and Latin dances.  We will teach the basic fundamentals of each style, history and the culture from which it came.  We will also focus on the movement and dance as a great way to embrace physical fitness.
Dancing can benefit  physical, mental, and emotional levels.  Dance entails a greater variety of motion, strength, endurance, and coordination than most other body activities.  This is achieved through movement patterns that educate coordination and kinesthetic memory.  Since dancing utilizes the whole body, it is an excellent type of exercise for full body fitness as well as overall well being.
Our eight week program can take place during a class period of the school’s choosing (minimum two classes at a school on a single day) for up to 30 students per class.  Our professional teaching artists bring everything needed for class and a love of sharing their passion with your students.

*Professional Teaching Artists are available to teach other forms of dance (ballet/lyrical, jazz/hip-hop, tap and other world cultures).  Call NTA and speak to the Education Director if interested.